Learning how to use a computer can be overwhelming.

Learning about your computer and the internet can get very frustrating as there is so much to learn.   Typically people want to know how to get email and that is their goal.  Others want to explore the internet or just play games.  There is more out there than most could ever imagine but there are principals that are all the same.  So just know that you will never know it all and that no one does.

Home & Business Computer Services


Providing computer service to both small business and personal computers.  We offer both on-site In the Tulsa Metro Area,  or drop off service at reasonable rates.

A+ Certified technicians

Issued in 1997 this certification guarantees you that your technician has both knowledge and experience.

Pc Repair in Tulsa

Laser Printer Service

Complete repair service and preventive maintenance of HP laser printers.

  • Diagnostics
  • Hard Ware Repair
  • Software Repair 
  • Virus Removal
  • Data Recovery / Back-ups
  • System Restore
  • ​Laser Printer Repair

What we do?

All hours computer Service                  (918) 636-7197

 Computer Specialties

PC Repair, ​Diagnostics, Trouble Shooting,  and Data Recovering.

(918) 636-7197

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